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Certifying Entities

Manufacturers are acquainted with certifying bodies such as TUV, BSI, SGS, NSAI, KEMA, INTERTEK, and others. For the purpose of issuing "Free Sale Certificates".

American Cosmetics Manufacturers Association

Lately, cosmetics industry took place in the international market and it became a huge and successful commercial industry. The major cosmetics manufacturers want to rely on any association to obtain quality, knowledge, commitment, dependability, dedication and a good service.

American Cosmetics manufacturers Association "ACMA" is an international leader in the verification of the quality management practices of U.S. cosmetics manufacturers for issuing Free Sale Certificates "FSC" which is required in most countries and was created upon many requests received from major cosmetic manufacturers.

ACMA assists the members to standardize their products to be eligible for export with (minimal) least cost, effort and time. The association devoted staff to simplify the exportation of US cosmetic products worldwide their ultimate goal. Also, it has been appointed by US Legalization as their official entity for issuing Free Sale Certificates in the United States.

So if you are a cosmetics manufacturer, all you need is a trusted and well known entity to qualify your company by issuing Free Sale Certificates to expand your market to other countries.
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